Repair teeth with a conservative approach.

Dental Crowns and Bridges in Oakbrook Terrace, IL.

Damage to your natural dentition from decay, injury, or other factors can often be effectively treated with porcelain crowns and dental bridges. These treatments have been standard options for teeth restoration for many years, and advances in the field of dentistry continue to improve and enhance their ability to restore one’s oral health and overall smile esthetic.

Our dentist and his experienced team here at Vence Dentistry are committed to sustainable oral health for a lifetime. With custom crown and bridge procedures, we can help you address a variety of common dental concerns with a conservative approach designed to improve the condition of your teeth while rejuvenating the appearance of your smile.

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Learn All About Dental Crowns and Bridges

What Is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is a custom restoration designed to reinforce a natural tooth that has been heavily damaged by cavities, traumatic injury, loss of structural integrity, or other causes. A crown covers the entire tooth, which helps to fully restore function and to improve the appearance of the tooth. Essentially, dental crowns are designed to mimic the original tooth’s form and strength in the way that it was before the damage occurred. They are placed on the affected teeth with a strong dental cement in order to provide results that can last decades with the proper care. Dental crowns at our practice are typically made of a durable porcelain material and customized to provide the most natural fit and appearance.

What Can a Dental Crown Do for My Smile?

A porcelain dental crown offers numerous esthetic, functional, and health benefits, including strength and protection for a damaged or severely decayed tooth, protection from fracturing for a weak tooth, restoration of chips and cracks, restoration of a tooth after root canal therapy, attachment for a dental bridge or dental implant, and the crown is customized for the best fit and appearance.

In many cases, a dental crown can be a powerful tool to save a damaged tooth from further harm, or even the necessity of extraction. This treatment is a tried-and-true part of restorative dentistry and has helped millions of individuals improve their dental health.

What Is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge is a custom-designed prosthesis that can be used to effectively replace multiple missing teeth located between two existing teeth. A so-called “fixed” dental bridge utilizes customized artificial teeth to “bridge the gap” between two dental crowns placed on the adjacent healthy teeth, which can effectively restore the missing teeth with durable results that look and feel natural.

Our practice can also use a variation of the dental bridge procedure called an “implant bridge.” This innovative technique involves the placement of dental implants between the two existing teeth, which anchors the new teeth to the jawbone for even greater stabilization and security. This option is more invasive than a regular fixed bridge; however, it can help reduce the potential for bone loss in the area. For patients who are missing most or all of their teeth on the upper or lower dental arch, we also offer complete and partial custom dentures as well as All-On-4® implant dentures as alternatives.

Once our dentist has met with you for an oral evaluation and talked with you about your needs and goals, he can determine whether a dental bridge, implant bridge, or other missing teeth replacement procedure is the best option.

What Does the Crown and Bridge Procedure Involve?

Once you have been evaluated by our dentist and he has determined that a crown or dental bridge is a good option for your needs, we will begin the “Co-Discovery” treatment planning process. This involves a collaborative effort between you and our dental team to ensure you have all the information you need and know what to expect from the treatment and the results. We will also take precise digital impressions of your teeth to create an accurate blueprint for the custom restorations.

For dental crown procedures, the crown will be manufactured with meticulous detail and craftsmanship. Our dentist will ensure that the crown fits perfectly and is color-matched to surrounding teeth for the most natural-looking blend possible. Once the affected tooth has been adequately prepared for placement of the crown, the restoration will be affixed to the tooth with a durable dental cement and given a final polish.

If you are receiving a dental bridge, this procedure also involves restorations crafted from your digital impression. The original teeth on each side of the missing teeth will be carefully prepared for placement of the custom crowns, and the artificial teeth that will go between them will be manufactured. Once the crowns and the new teeth have been designed and created, they will be precisely placed in the treatment area with a dental cement to ensure strength and durability. We take great care during this process to provide you with results that fit comfortably and feel natural—as though you never lost any teeth in the first place. The restoration is then given a final polish, allowing you to enjoy the many benefits that dental bridges offer. With proper home care, these benefits can last for years and years!

What Can a Dental Bridge Do for My Smile?

Dental bridges are remarkably versatile in their ability to provide patients with effective teeth replacement. Benefits of dental bridges include improved ability to bite, chew, and speak, reduced pressure on healthy teeth by improving the distribution of force when biting, prevention of surrounding teeth from moving position, which can diminish the risk of bite irregularities and alterations to facial shape, custom-designed for the most natural look, feel, and function, and enhanced smile esthetics.