What Our Patients Say About Us

Our patients’ happiness, feeling of wholeness, and comfort are the priority at Vence Dentistry. When our patients tell us we did a great job, then it really means something. Here are a few nice things our patients have said about us.

Rock Star Frankie Sullivan

A fascinating interview with a musical legend. Frankie tells why he chose Dr. Vence and why he now recommends him to others. He explains why he needed a full-mouth restoration –  he waited too long to address oral issues.

Dr. Vence fixed Cathy Bradley’s severe dental problems.

Cathy Bradley concludes that Dr. Vence is simply “the best.” She discusses how he served as the quarterback leading a team of specialists focused on her case.

I will forever be grateful.

When I came to you several years ago the condition of my teeth was dire. As we embarked upon the eventual full mouth reconstruction I was both filled with anxiety and fearful of the process to ensue. This was due to the extensive work that would be required and, in part, to my earliest memories of you that included a helmet, shoulder pads and cleats. – Jack

The best dental care!

Although we have verbally expressed our appreciation many times, we both want to take a moment to formally acknowledge the excellent dental care that we have received over the years. We continue to rely on your professionalism, expertise, dedication, and passion for your work to provide us with the very best in dental care. – Judith & Fred

I have all the confidence in the world!

When I came to you several years ago the condition of my teeth was I have all the confidence in the world in your abilities as a dentist. You are very good at what you do and I have never had a dentist that takes so much pride in this work. Thank you so much and I hope I don’t see you for another six months, nothing personal. – Angela

Keep up the good work!

Did you know that I drove 2000 miles for my last appointment in November? I wouldn’t have anyone do serious dental work except you Brian. I trust your work and the atmosphere in your office. Your professionalism emanates right on through your staff. – Larry

Sooooo proud of his new look!

John looks wonderful……and he is sooooo proud of his new look!  You have given a measure of confidence and joy to a guy who lost his eyesight,  speech, physical strength, and ability to work 6/7 days per week on a busy job about five years ago.  You cared enough about someone you did not even know to give him  self worth again.  We love you to the moon.  Look forward to seeing you on Tuesday, January 25, 2022 at 1230 p.m.  May your holidays be filled with love and laughter! – John & Judy

Brenda Mattes-Sica discusses her full mouth reconstruction.

Brenda, a dental hygienist, talks about why she chose Dr. Vence for her reconstruction dental work and why she is so pleased with the results.

A long time patient with multiple treatments praises Dr. Vence…

Hillary Kalman travels a significant distance to come to his practice and explains how Dr. Vence offers multiple treatment options. She did not know she was suffering from sleep apnea until Dr. Vence uncovered the issue. Her quality of life is now significantly improved.

My results were impeccable.

Dr. Vence has recently finished a complete restoration of my mouth. He is professional, caring and above all a perfectionist. My results were impeccable. My teeth look natural and my smile is as bright as can be. Dr. Vence’s restoration increased my confidence. His office staff is also wonderful. Whether they are assisting in scheduling appointments, or just holding your hand, you could not feel any more cared for. If you want a great result that you can be proud of, I highly recommend using Dr. Vence. – Dana

Dr. Vence coordinated all aspects of my case

My situation was very complex and required a multi-disciplinary effort which included endodontists, periodontic oral surgery, ceramic technicians and finally, a comprehensive restorative dentist. As my restorative dentist, Dr. Vence coordinated all aspects of my case. He and his team of experts and support staff went above and beyond the call of duty in making sure my restoration was not only aesthetically superior but that it would have long term functionality. Throughout this process Dr. Vence and his team were always available, caring and professional. I highly recommend Dr. Vence for any of your dental needs. – Amy

All I want to do is smile!

I was referred to Dr. Vence after more than 25 years of previous dental work, which was old and looked awful, since it was done bit by bit over so many years. After much thought and reflection, I decided that a complete mouth reconstruction was the best option for me, and I have never looked back. My experience at Dr. Vence’s office has been stellar. The professionalism of all the staff is overwhelming. Not only are they excellent at their craft but their caring nature has been truly remarkable. They always made sure I understood everything they were doing in my mouth and in addition, they went out of their way to make sure I was comfortable – from blankets if I felt cold, to smoothies if I were there for hours and could not eat, to multiple phone calls after a procedure to check on how I was feeling. I have never encountered care like this in my more than 25 years of extensive dental work. Most importantly of course, Dr. Vence is one of a kind! His care, personal concern, knowledge, and perfectionism are extraordinary. Dr. Vence is simply masterful at what he does and perhaps most impressively, he strives constantly to become better and better (as if that is even possible) by studying and learning more and more. Dr. Vence embodies the perfect package of both art and science. My teeth are now both gorgeous and healthy! All I want to do is smile! And I am grateful more than I can ever express. – Susan

The outcome is amazing!

In 2004, naive to the possibility of complications, I underwent my first implant of a front tooth. Three failed implants later I was fitted with a flipper and told an implant was not possible. I was only 31 years old. Due to the number of failures, the bone in my maxilla had recessed both horizontally and vertically, creating an internal cleft. I was devastated. My fear of oral work and simple yearly cleanings became astronomical. Though I hated the flipper, I feared the idea of more work to fix the damage thinking worst case scenarios. In 2010, my dentist asked if I was interested in having that area permanently fixed. Though I met with the professionals, I was not ready to go through the work. In 2012, I revisited the team of doctors and finally decided I would go through with the process. Advances in medical intervention for these types of problems had come so far in the past 12 years and for the first time I felt some optimism. The process took a year and a half and included extensive surgery, orthodontic intervention and finally restorative dental work by Dr. Vence. The outcome is amazing! I consider Dr. Vence a true artist. My smile is wonderful, but that is just the beginning to the positive results of the work performed. I thank Dr. Vence with all my heart. – Amy

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Dental Services

At Vence Dentistry, we offer the most comprehensive dental care for the whole family.


Our goal is sustainable oral health for a lifetime based on our patient’s preferences. Co-Discovery process and our Digital Smile Design Center allow patients to have an integral part of the decision process.


While our practice is renown for treating complex dental cases, we utilize our vast clinical experience to recognize simple dental conditions and patterns before they become major dental concerns.


Vence Dentistry utilizes a wealth of genuine knowledge and global training, in treating simple and complex restorative cases. Patients experience authentic state of the art restorative dentistry.


We utilize our experience to fabricate natural appearing veneers, crowns and implants, as well as fixed dentures on implants. We consistently attain predictable esthetic and functional outcomes.

Full-Mouth Rehabilitation

We can help you replace missing teeth, correct bite issues and teeth misalignment, improve teeth affected by structural damage and decay, and effectively renew both the function of your teeth and the appearance of your smile.


Patients overall health is at the forefront of our practice. Treating the whole patient by identifying early symptoms of TMD, Sleep Apnea, and Periodontal Disease to help our patients attain optimal wellness.